Raw & Natural Diets

Should you be Going back to nature?

Join the ever increasing group of pet owners who are making the change

Dogs and cats are naturally carnivores, left to their own devices their diet would consist mainly of meat, bones and vegetable scraps, containing high levels of protein, natural goodness and vitamins.

Nowadays with so many foods on the market: complete, processed and raw & natural; choosing the one which might suit your pet best can be difficult. We all want to feed what we believe to be a healthy diet, but the quality of food, nutritional value and ingredients can vary enormously, and can affect your pet's health and well-being. Raw & natural foods combine real meat or fish with vegetables and minerals, but without unhealthy additives, they provide a balanced diet as close to nature as possible, promoting higher energy levels, improved skin and coat condition, cleaner teeth, with fewer digestive problems and behavioural issues.

It's not surprising that we have seen many pet owners changing from complete and processed foods to raw & natural foods, (in the past year our sales of raw & natural foods have doubled!). They are available in all life stages and a wide variety of flavours, pack sizes are generally small(usually less than a kilo), so that you can ring the changes and make mealtimes more interesting!

What many owners haven't realised is that as well as providing a healthier diet, it usually costs less per day to feed your pet. Some owners feed raw & natural food exclusively and some will combine complete and raw & natural foods.

If you want to check it out for yourself, there is an independent tool to help you, nearly every dog food that you can buy(1462 varieties) is rated and you can make easy comparisons by looking at the ratings, there is also a cost per day guide. Why not visit this link now and find out: www.allaboutdogfood.co.uk

Which brands do we stock?

Raw & natural foods are sold as vacuum packs, frozen, pouches or tins, and many brands have natural treats to complement their range. We stock the leading brands:
  • Canagan
  • Cooper & Co.
  • Country Hunter
  • Forthglade
  • Lilys Kitchen
  • Natures Deli
  • Natures Menu
  • Natural Instinct
  • Naturediet
  • Burns
  • Barking Heads
  • Harringtons
  • Symply
  • James Wellbeloved

Our staff have received Raw Diet training, so if you need further advice please call in and we'll be happy to help!