Medication for your pets

Medication and disinfectants for all your pets from the smallest animals right through to dogs and cats.

We stock Beaphar Fiprotec Combi for Cats and dogs, and Johnsons 4Fleas products - so you can now get Vet strength medication without having to visit the vet!

Pet Medications

To help keep your pets in tip top health we offer an extensive range of medicines and care products from Beaphar, Bob Martins, Hatchwells and Johnsons including lactol, conditioning tablets, flea and tick treatments, worming tablets, flea collars, a range of shampoos, toothpaste and brushes, eye ointments and ear drops, Anti chew sprays and Joint Aid. We also stock poultry and small animal medications.

Calming pet remedies

If any of your pets needs calming and de-stressing particularly when travelling, being left alone or around fireworks then we have a range of natural remedies to help, these can come in the form of plug-in diffusers or sprays they relax but don't sedate. We stock Pet Remedy and Beaphar Canicomfort and Cat Comfort.

Cleaning and disinfectants

For those “little accidents” or just to keep things clean and fresh we have a range of disinfectants and cleaners from Simple Solution and Johnsons! We also stock training pads for your puppy.

New ways to tackle Fleas and Ticks

Global warming, seems to mean fleas and ticks are active for more of the year now, but there are many ways to keep them under control! And now you don't always have to pay for a visit to the vet for an effective treatment!

Fiprotec Fiprotec Why not try the NEW Beaphar Fiprotec Combo or 4fleas spot-on dual action from Johnsons, it contains Imidacloprid to kill fleas on contact on cats and dogs, and kills biting lice on dogs. Once applied to the skin it distributes evenly across the body and starts killing fleas within 3-5 minutes, and kills 95% of fleas within 12 hours of treatment! It will also kill larvae on contact in the environment around your pet, such as bedding. Can be used with other flea treatments on pets over 8 week of age. DON'T FORGET, only 5% of fleas live on your pet, the rest are in the environment (your house!!) so use an effective spray such as 4fleas Household spray.

Ticks are difficult to shift, why not try Tick Away from Beaphar, it's freezing action causes the tick to unlatch and can be easily removed with a Tick Twister.