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Complete Cat Food

Truly complete cat foods

These foods really are complete, you need to feed nothing else as they contain all the vitamins and minerals your cat or kitten needs for a healthy diet; some have supplements to promote good health, just make sure there is plenty of water available.

Flavours and life stages

These come in a variety of flavours and life stages to suit all sizes of cat from kitten through to mature cats.

Specific dietary requirements

Some are gluten free or grain free suitable for pets with allergies. Pack sizes from 800g to 15kg.

Staff training & advice

Our staff have received training from the manufacturers and are happy to offer advice and answer any questions on which food might be most suitable for your pet.

Natural Alternative

More and more owners are now changing to natural foods, without harmful additives. For more information click here.

Fantastic prices

Stocking such a wide range of foods we often run special offers, look out in-store for our multibuy offers or see below for our current offers.

Supplier Loyalty Schemes: As well as our own loyalty scheme, we also offer pet food brand loyalty schemes including :

Meowing Heads - Buy 5 bags of the same size and get a 6th bag FREE!
Hills - Buy 6 bags of the same size and get a 7th bag FREE!
Wet Cat Food These are supplied as traditional tins, pouches and vac pacs.

Natural Alternative

Wet foods can form part of a natural diet and more and more owners are now changing to natural foods, without harmful additives - for more information click here.

Advice & Expertise

Our staff have received training from the manufacturers and are happy to offer advice and answer any questions on which food might be most suitable for your pet.

Check Out Our Multibuy Offers

Now save even more with our multi-buy offers on wet food pouches.

Loyalty card holders can save money on the following brands - Country Hunter and Natures Menu. As long as you buy the case quantity you can mix flavours.
Cat Treats To reward your cat, maintain healthy teeth or keep her occupied, why not give a treat from our wide selection!

We stock Whiskas Dreamies, Natures Menu, Webbox, Whiskas Crunch, Rosewood and Pet Munchies.
Cat Litter Cat & kitten litter is available in various size packs from Pettex, Pampuss, Bio Catolet, Catsan, Bob Martin, Bestpets and Okoplus.

Cat and kitten litter is available as traditional clumping or wood/paper based in a range of sizes 5kg to 20kg.

We complement this with litter trays and liners in a range of sizes. We stock scoops and hooded cat loos.

Keep it smelling nice

To keep things smelling sweet we have litter freshener and disinfectant.
Cat Flap We stock many cat flaps from Staywell and Cat Mate, to suit wooden, glass and upvc doors, in a variety of sizes and colours.

If you want to keep out unwanted cats then choose either a magnetically operated catflap or if your pet is chipped, then the best solution is a microchipped cat flap, no collars are required and will fit existing apertures, ask to see a demonstration in store.

If you are replacing an old flap don't forget to measure the aperture or bring the old one in so that we can find a suitable replacement.

Cat Carriers

Cat Carriers

For those visits to the vet or if you are travelling with your cat we have a range of carriers.
Cat Bedding For comfort and warmth we have a selection of cushions, slumber beds, hooded beds, cat snoozers and radiator beds, by Canac, Danish Design, Rosewood and Ancol.

Cat Toys and Scratching Posts

Cats and kittens love to play! We have toys to keep your moggie amused! Choose from a wide variety of balls, catnip toys, furry mice, wind-up mice, wands, we also have some exciting NEW interactive toys from CatIT.

Cat Scratcher Check out our NEW extended range of scratching posts - cats love these and will play for hours.

Top Tip!

Why not use a scratcher with catnip to stop them damaging your furniture!
Cat Accessories Everything you could want or need for your cat and kitten from bowls to placemats. To keep your pet looking in tip top condition we have a range of grooming equipment.

A wide range of collars, harnesses, and leads are available. If you need an ID tag for your pet, these are available in a variety of materials and will be delivered direct to your home.
Dog Medication


To help keep your pets in tip top health we offer an extensive range of medicines and care products from Beaphar, Bob Martins, Hatchwells and Johnsons. We stock Lactol, conditioning tablets and syrups, flea and tick treatments, worming tablets and syrups, flea collars, a range of shampoos, toothpaste and brushes, eye ointments and ear drops, Anti chew sprays and Joint Aid. We also stock poultry and small animal medications.

Calming pet remedies

If any of your pets needs calming and de-stressing particularly when travelling, being left alone or around fireworks then we have a range of natural remedies to help, these can come in the form of plug-in diffusers or sprays they relax but don't sedate. We stock Pet Remedy, Beaphar CatComfort ranges.

Dog Medication

Cleaning and disinfectants

For those "little accidents" or just to keep things clean and fresh we have a range of disinfectants and cleaners from Simple Solution and Johnsons! We also stock training pads for your puppy.

New ways to tackle Fleas and Ticks

We stock Beaphar Fiprotec Combo Johnsons 4Fleas spot-on and tablet treatments for Cats and dogs,- so you can now get Vet strength medication without having to visit the vet and at affordable prices!

Global warming seems to mean fleas and ticks are active for more of the year now, but there are many ways to keep them under control! And now you don't always have to pay for a visit to the vet for an effective treatment!

Why not try the NEW 4fleas spot-on dual action from Johnsons, it contains Imidacloprid to kill fleas on contact on cats and dogs, and kills biting lice on dogs. Once applied to the skin it distributes evenly across the body and starts killing fleas within 3-5 minutes, and kills 95% of fleas within 12 hours of treatment! It will also kill larvae on contact in the environment around your pet, such as bedding. Can be used with other flea treatments on pets over 8 week of age. DON'T FORGET, only 5% of fleas live on your pet, the rest are in the environment (your house!!) so use an effective spray such as 4fleas Household spray.

Ticks are difficult to shift, why not try Tick Away from Beaphar, it's freezing action causes the tick to unlatch and can be easily removed with a Tick Twister.
Cat Foods & Accessories | Pet Food Shop Crowborough

Cat/Kitten brands stocked:

  • Applaws
  • Burgess
  • Canagan
  • Felix
  • Fish4Cats
  • Go-Cat
  • Harringtons
  • HiLife
  • Hills
  • Iams
  • James Wellbeloved
  • Natural Instinct
  • Proplan
  • Purina
  • Sheba
  • Symply
  • Webbox
  • Whiskas

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Cat Offers for April

Expires on Tue, 30 Apr 2024  (Only 15 days remaining)   
Posted by Jemima, Seal Point Burmese

James Wellbeloved 4kg Adult Turkey Usually £45.49 NOW ONLY £42.77

Purina One 3kg Chicken or Salmon Usually £19.99 NOW ONLY 18.70

Whiskas Poultry Feasts in Jelly -All Lifestages 12 x 85g Usually £5.39 NOW ONLY £4.99

Sheba Fine Flakes Fish Selection in Jelly 12 x 85g Usually £7.10 NOW ONLY £6.22

Breeder Celect 20L Cat Litter Usually £16.89 NOW ONLY £15.99

Catsan 20L Clumping Litter Usually £19.55 NOW ONLY £18.15

Dreamies 60g Usually £2.15 NOW ONLY £1.75