What a difference a few nice days make

Wed, 29 Mar 2017    Archie, Black Labrador

What a difference a few nice days make-Spring is well and truly here!
So nice to see the sun and have warmer days isn't it? As well as the flowers and buds breaking out giving a show of colour, garden birds are really active now, preparing for the new breeding season, scraps of moss and grass are being gathered to make nests remember to try and leave your hedges uncut so that you don't disturb nests and chicks. The males are all vying for the ladies attention, and the colours of their plumage don't get any more vibrant than now, the robins and bull finches really do look stunning!
All this nest building and breeding is very demanding work!, and although some people cut back on feeding at the end of the winter, now is the most important time to look after our feathered friends. They need a high energy diet, so peanuts, black sunflower, and sunflower hearts are ideal seeds, but for extra high energy, a suet mix offers everything they need. During April we have special offers on suet pellets and pellet feeders, so check them out now, and attract more birds to your garden.

Warmer days mean warmer water, and fish are becoming more active, and so if you haven't been feeding over winter now is the time to start again, we have a wide range of pond food as pellets, flakes or sticks for all varieties of fish. Check out your pond and clean it as necessary, to help you we have specialist treatments including barley straw to both restore and maintain water quality.
Of course if you have aquarium fish we also have food s and accessories for them. Don't forget when you are going away for a weekend or longer that we have Vacation Blocks for ponds and aquariums.