Looking after Small Animals in the winter

Sun, 27 Nov 2016    Archie, Black Labrador

Looking after Small Animals during winter!
When it's cold do move guinea pigs and rabbits in somewhere that provides a cosy shelter, such as in a warm shed or garage, make sure there is natural light and provide toys or gnaws to prevent boredom, make sure there is room to exercise. Make sure you provide extra bedding to keep them warm. Put a piece of blanket or carpet over the hutch to help insulate it, or buy a purpose made hutch cover, but don't block ventilation or your pet's view. Try to ensure there are no draughts or dampness, raise the hutch off the ground. Always check the water bottle once a day and make sure that it hasn't frozen.
If you do move the hutch into the housewhich isn't ideal make sure they are away from smoky conditions. other pets and stressful noises. All of the above is also true for rats, gerbils and mice, but try to make sure that temperatures don't fluctuate too much. If they are missing being outside then do handle them frequently to reassure them and show them they are still loved!