New Products

Mon, 24 Jun 2019    Archie, Black Labrador

We have added a number of New Products to our catalogue this month

Check them out! 


Product ImageLickimat Buddy Treat Mat
Most pet owners lead busy lives and feel guilty leaving their pets home alone for many hours.  Lickimats are designed as tasty boredom busters for your cat or dog. By spreading your pet's favourite soft treat over the surface, you create a tasty fun game with them having seek out every morsel with their tongue. Freeze treats in summer for refreshing longer lasting entertainment.
&bull Medical free way to promote calm behaviour in your pet while home alone or during stressful times, like storms
&bull Repetitive licking is soothing for your pet, releasing calming the hormone cortisol into the body
&bull No over feeding because Lickimat makes a small tasty treat last longer
&bull Licking enhances the sense of taste, allowing pet to enjoy just a small amount of food
&bull Helps promote fresh breath by scraping off bacteria and undigested food particles from the tongue
&bull Stimulates saliva production and helps clean tongue, teeth and gums
&bull Saliva production can aid digestion as it contains enzymes like Amylase
Why not try using Kong Easy treat paste.

Troncossize.pngGoodwood Chewable Stick
GoodWood is a long lasting chewable coffee wood that stimulates your dog to chew time and time again. Non-splinter. Chewing gives natural dental care, reducing plaque and preventing gum disease. GoodWood is 100% natural and contains ZERO calories and is FREE from caffeine and artificial ingredients. 3 sizes to suit 10kg, 20kg and 20kg+ dogs.

Product ImageAncol Cooling Vest
Hot and bothered dogs will be instantly refreshed by the Ancol Pet Cooling Vest. The vest can be plunged into water and put onto a hot dog to reduce the risk of overheating. This simple but effective process can be repeated whenever the vest dries out to keep your dog cool, happy, and healthy on hot days. The vest has a belly strap to ensure a snug fit. There are 6 sizes available.

Non Slip Stainless Bowls
Fed up with your pet chasing the dinner across the floor! our non-slip dishes are the answer and are dishwasher safe and hygienic.

Product ImageNatures Menu Senior Cat Pouches
A complete and balanced natural meal for senior cats, low in fat and prepared with 70% real cuts of chicken and responsibly sourced salmon and cod, with all the essential vitamins and minerals for your older cat to stay fit and healthy. Compliments the Natures Menu range of Kitten and Adult cat pouches.

A great new range of dog beds, luxurious padded beds in a range of fashionable fabrics to co-ordinate with modern home décor. They have anti-skid bases and are machine washable-available in a range of sizes. Also from Scruff are a range of drying/grooming aids-manufactured from microfibre "noodles", they are super absorbent and excellent for stimulation.