Beware the danger with sticks!

Tue, 29 Aug 2017    Archie, Black Labrador

A vet's report shows that there are still many cases where dogs have sustained injuries when chasing and retrieving sticks thrown for them during exercise. Usually it's any old stick picked up whilst out walking, these can be sharp and covered in harmful bacteria, however you can avoid costly vets bills and distress to your pet. A properly designed toy is hygienic, has no sharp edges, and is duarable, some will even clean their teeth as they play. We have a wide selection of throwing toys, from basic tennis balls and frisbees and rope tugs. Some are made of TPR a virtually indestuctible polymer which is self healing when bitten, others incorporate lights which activate when they hit the ground- great fun as the evenings get darker! We also now have a selection of quality toys from the Chuck-it range, Check out our vast selection of toys, you will find that we have something suitable whatever the size of your pet.