Autumn is coming fast!-Be Prepared

Fri, 22 Sep 2017    Archie, Black Labrador

Darker and Cooler Evenings will soon be with us-keep safe and warm!.
Make sure you and your pet can be seen, if you are out walking early mornings or in the evening be safe, see our range of Hi-Viz dog coats, leads and collars, we also have reflective and flashing leads and collars. Why not check out the Orbiloc LED light, which attaches to the collar to keep you safe- you can be seen from up to 5km! .
On wet, chiily days keep your dog warm and dry in one of our Dog Coats, many of these incorporate reflective inserts. We stock Danish Design, Outhwaite and Ancol coats in sizes from 10" to 30", just measure from the base of the neck to the base of the tail- or better still bring your pet with you and try one for size! You can earn
double points when you buy any dog coat in October!