RAW Rabbit Awareness Week

Tue, 21 Apr 2015    Archie, Black Labrador

It seems to come around again so quickly, but it must mean Spring is here! Rabbits are the most popular small animal, but there is much more to owning a rabbit than popping them into a hutch and feeding them occasionally!
Regular health checks are advisable and many vets are giving free checks during RAW week, keep vaccinations up to date.
A healthy balanced diet of dark green leaves, pellets and a plentiful supply of hay is essential, remember  their teeth are continually growing and domesticated rabbits need access to plenty of gnawing material! Don't forget a good supply of fresh clean water.

Keep the hutch clean daily cleaning is very important to keep parasites at bay, replace soiled bedding and spray with a disinfectant.
Keep your pet warm in winter and cool in summer!, move the hutch inside or cover up with a hutch cover in winter to stop wind and rain, and move to a shaded spot in the summer.
Stop your pet becoming bored! although you might think rabbits spend all their time eating your lawn-they love to play, so provide items of interest, such as tunnels, toys and treat balls.

Why not pay us a visit and see the extensive range of bedding, food, medication and toys we have for your rabbit!