Wild Bird Feed and Treats - Always Great Prices!

We are so confident that wild bird feeds and treats are the best value for miles around, that we're happy to list them on our website. You could save up to 50% compared with Pets At Home, Pets Corner and garden centres!!

Look at how much you could save by shopping at The Pet Food Shop in Crowborough

The Pet Food Shop, Crowborough, East Sussex

Did you know you can save ££££s!!! when you buy your bird nuts from us??
OUR PRICE:       weighed out £3.50/kg      13kg £30.99   25kg  £53.90

Compare these prices:

Pet's Corner        weighed out £5.99/kg      13kg  £41.59   25kg  £74.99

Buy any 1 selected* 3kg Bags and SAVE 2.5%   Reward Card Holders Only
Buy any 2 selected* 3kg Bags and SAVE 5%   Reward Card Holders Only
Buy any 3 selected* 3kg Bags and SAVE 7.5%   Reward Card Holders Only
Buy any 2 sacks 10kg or more and SAVE 10%   Reward Card Holders Only excl peanuts
KDT Wildbird Mix* weighed out £1.15/kg
  20 kg sack £14.99 that's only £0.75/kg
Johnston & Jeff Selected Wildbird Mix 20kg sack £16.99
Harrison's Ultimate Robin Mix * weighed out £2.79/kg
  12.75kg sack £25.99  that's only £2.04/kg
Harrison's Song Bird Mix* weighed out £2.69/kg
  12.75kg sack £20.99 that's only £1.65/kg
Harrison's Ultimate High Energy No-Mess Mix* weighed out £2.79/kg
  12.75kg sack £25.99 that's only £2.04/kg
Peanuts weighed up £3.50/kg
  13kg sack £30.99 that's only £2.38kg
  25kg sack £53.90  that's only £2.16/kg
Peanut Granules weighed up £3.75/kg
  15kg sack £41.20  that's only £2.75/kg
Nuts in Shells weighed up £4.25/kg
  11.75kg sack £35.00 that's only £2.98/kg
Sunflower Hearts* weighed out £2.40/kg
  13kg sack £23.65  that's only £1.82/kg
  20kg sack £31.99  that's only £1.60/kg
Black Sunflower* weighed up £2.02/kg
  12.75kg sack £16.99  that's only £1.33/kg
Striped Sunflower weighed out £2.19/kg
  12.5kg sack £18.15  that's only £1.45/kg
Nyger Seed weighed out £3.49/kg
  25kg sack £56.80  that's only £2.27/kg
Robin & Softbill Food weighed out £6.508/kg
Dried Mealworms weighed out £2.20/100g or £1.94/100g 500g or more
Suet Pellets* Berry or Mealworm 12.75kgs £35.99 that's only £2.82/kg
  3kgs £10.35 that's only £3.45/kg
Half Coconuts-filled Twin Pack £2.70
Fat Balls 5 pack ONLY £1.00
  10 pack ONLY £1.95
  20 pack ONLY £3.80
  50 pack ONLY £8.60
  100 pack ONLY £16.50
  150 pack ONLY £23.99
Suet Treat Blocks all flavours £1.65 each  
  3 Pack  ONLY £3.84 that's only £1.28 each
  6 pack £6.99  that's only £1.17 each
  10 pack £10.99 that's only £1.10 each
* Offer does not apply if item is part of any other monthly offer    

Last Updated: 18 Sep 2017
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