Small animal supplies

Everything for your small animals from rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, rats, ferrets to chinchillas.

Small Animal Feeds, Treat and Gnaws

Small Animal Foods & Accessories | Pet Food Shop Crowborough These are available in nugget or a muesli mix form, for all small animals we stock an extensive range including the Gerty, Russel, Harry, Reggie, Gerri, Charlie range of foods by Supreme. You can of course supplement these foods with vegetables such as carrot cabbage etc- they will love it! A supply of fresh hay is also appreciated by rabbits and guinea pigs. Don't forget plenty of water!

Stop your pet becoming bored by keeping them amused with wooden chews and treats, these come in many shapes and sizes and help keep teeth in a healthy condition. We stock Critters Choice, Excel Nature Snacks, Russell's, Gerty's and Harry's Crunchers, Johnson, M & C, Vitakraft small animal treats and Mr Johnsons. There are a wide choice of treats toys from the "Small 'N' Furry" range by Sharples and Grant, and the Boredom Breakers and Natural's ranges from Rosewood.

Cages & Hutches

Small Animal Foods & Accessories | Pet Food Shop Crowborough We have hutches, runs and cages for rabbits to mice; With such a wide choice available it's impossible for us to stock them all, but please visit and select from the range, we can always get one for you in a couple of days if we don't have it. Hutch covers can help keep your pet cool in summer and warm in winter. Ladders, wheels, drinkers, hammocks and toilets make the cage into a home!

Small animals require plenty of space to maintain interest and give them room to explore and exercise, so don't compromise on the size of a cage or hutch, if in doubt go bigger!

Small Animal Bedding

Small Animal Foods & Accessories | Pet Food Shop Crowborough Small animals love to make nests and we stock hay, straw and shavings in a variety of pack sizes from small carry-out to half bale, and a range of paper wool and cloth bedding.

Small Animal Accessories

Small Animal Foods & Accessories | Pet Food Shop Crowborough Small animals love to play, in or out of their cages. We have a choice of toys and play houses from the "Small 'N' Furry" range by Sharples and Grant and the Boredom Breakers range from Rosewood, which will keep your pet occupied for ages. We have all the other accessories you'll need such as bowls, drinking bottles and beds. Keep your pet looking it's best with Ancol grooming equipment.

Small Animal Foods & Accessories | Pet Food Shop Crowborough

Small Animal brands stocked:

  • Excel
  • Supreme
  • Johnsons
  • Vitakraft
  • Mr Johnson
  • Chudley's
  • M & C
  • Rosewood
  • Supa
  • James Wellbeloved
  • Sharples & Grant
  • Koko
  • Happy Pet
  • Critters Choice
  • Safebed

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Small Animal Offers for December

Expires on Tue, 31 Dec 2019  (Only 17 days remaining)   
Posted by Robin and Jasmine, Lop Eared Rabbits

Excel 2kg Adult Rabbit Nuggets usually £5.24 NOW ONLY £4.74
Excel 2kg Junior & Dwarf Rabbit usually £5.59 each NOW ONLY £5.09
Excel 2kg Guinea Pig Nuggets Mint or Blackcurrant usually £6.52 NOW ONLY £5.92
Excel 1kg Herbage Dandelion & Marigold usually £7.27 NOW ONLY £6.57
Excel 1kg Supa Forage usually £6.11 NOW ONLY £5.61
Hazel Hamster Lovelies Banana, Strawberry & Apricot Treats usually £2.09 NOW ONLY £1.89
Supreme Apple & Cranberry Stickle Treats usually £2.69 NOW ONLY £2.29