Why travel to pet superstores and garden centres?
They may look like they have money saving offers on everything, but when you really look into it they have a few offers to get you in the door and lots of “3 for 2” offers you would never really want, and then you pay higher prices for everything else!

So that you can see the difference we regularly carry out a price comparison check across a range of cat, dog and wild bird products. Look and see what you can save when you shop at The Pet Food Shop Crowborough, so you don't need to travel out of town and we have convenient parking and friendly expert staff to help you.

The Pet Food Shop, Crowborough, East Sussex

Look at how much you could save by shopping at The Pet Food Shop in Crowborough

Did you know you can save ££££s!!! when you buy your bird nuts from us??
OUR PRICE:       weighed out £2.85/kg      13kg £27.99   25kg  £46.99 

Compare these prices:

Pet's Corner        weighed out £5.99/kg      13kg  £41.59   25kg  £74.99



The Pet Food Shop

Pet's Corner   Pets At Home
Forthglade Complete Grain Free £1.45 not sold £1.59
Dr Johns Silver 15kg  £11.49 not sold £11.89
Mini Roast Bones £1.00 £1.79 £1.14
Rawhide Cigar 10in 20 pack £13.50 £39.80 £20.73
Munchy Chew Rolls 100 pack £3.99 £6.99 £4.19
Chicken feet singles 30p not sold 50p
Chicken feet 10 £2.50 not sold £4.16
Hollings Filled Hoof-single 92p £1.79 99p
Rosewood Small Animal salt lick £1.99 £5.09 not sold
Natures Menu 100g cat pouch 85p 89p £1.19
Cat Mate Electromagnetic Cat Flap £44.95 £56.99 not sold
Cat Vetbed mat £10.99 £20.75 £13.00
Johnsons 4 Fleas 3 tab cat £5.42 £7.49 £6.00
Baskerville Muzzle size 3 £8.71 £12.99 not sold
Get Off crystals 240g £5.25 £7.99 £8.00
Kong Gyro Dog Toy large £10.99 not sold £15.00
Kong Classic Extra Large £14.30 £22.99 £15.00
Kong Zoom Groom Cat £7.22 £11.99 £9.00
Wildbird Suet log feeder £5.09 £5.99 not sold
Suet log Refils £2.35 £2.99 not sold
Johnsons Shampoos 200ml £3.59 £5.29 not sold
Budgie mix per kg £1.55 £3.29 £2.99
Excel Adult Rabbit 4kg £8.72 £9.99 £9.79
Hamster Playball £4.99 £7.99 £10.00
Sunflower Hearts per kg £2.40 £6.99 £3.50
20kg Premium Wild Bird Mix £15.50 £30.99 £29.78
Black Sunflower per kg £2.02 £6.49 £3.19
Fat Balls 5 Pack    99p £2.50 £1.24
Suet to Go 550g suet pellets £2.55 £4.93 £3.00
Peckaballs £4.03 £5.99 not sold
Suet Blocks -singles  £1.55 £2.99 £1.99
Suet Blocks 10 pack £11.40 £14.99 £12.49

These are NOT Special Offer prices just our Normal Everyday Prices!

This is just a small selection, why not call in to see all of our great prices and REMEMBER- if you are a REWARD CARD holder, you earn Pet Points as well- so you save even more!



Last Updated: 28 Jan 2019

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